Hi, I'm Carl and I animate for film and video games. I currently reside in the Los Angeles area
but I am available for contract or staff animation positions just about anywhere. The first video
above is my latest VFX demo reel. You can download the
Shotlist here or view it below.
1. Snow White and the Huntsman

- Animated and rigged crow in Maya

2. Black Swan

- Animated and tracked character matchmoves in Maya
- Tracked Feather into hand and tattoo onto back in Maya

3. The Amazing Spider-Man

- Animated character matchmove for spidey and his webs in Maya
- Animated web slinging FX and interaction with environment using Maya

4. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

- Tracked Wolverines claws onto his fists in Maya
- Animated Wolverine Jumping off cliff in Maya
- Animated Hummer, Claws and exploding FX in Maya
- Tracked Head wound onto Wolverine
- Animated and matchmoved deadpool to create transitional skeleton VFX

5. Avatar

-Animated various background characters in Maya
-Matchmoved foreground medic for cloth full-body replacement in Maya

6. The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn part 2

-Animated girl leaping for post vis in Maya
-Tracked VFX into plate for post vis in Maya

7. Fast and Furious

- Animated additional cg cars in Maya
- Matchmoved cars by hand for effects in Maya
- Animated camera and objects for Nitrous sequence in Maya

8. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

-designed layout and animated key poses in Maya

9. Alice in Wonderland

-Animated characters for matchmoves in Maya
-Animated cameras in Maya
-Designed Layout in Maya
-Integrated assets from all departments in Maya
-Created Stereo 3D cameras in Maya
-Composited in Nuke for proper stereo 3D

10. Underworld : The Awakening

-created pre vis, animated characters and camera, modeled and textured set

11. I Know Who Killed Me

-Animated character matchmove for arm replacement in Cinema 4D
-Animated Petals falling and floating downstream in Cinema 4D

12. Species : The Awakening

- Animated creature falling in Cinema 4D
If you are unable to view flash click here to view the Quicktime version of my reel!
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